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DOMINIQUE / Editor-in-chief (Artdirector)
/ Editor-in-chief (Communication)
/ Editor-in-chief (Marketing & PR)

ABOUT & THANKS - We are Les Shooters

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LES SHOOTERS - The Project And Idea Behind

is an online video magazine conceived and produced
by TWINS: Dominique and Natalie
LES SHOOTERS focuses on newcomers and established artists in music, fashion and art. Why did we decide to create this project?
We are well-aware that there are already many fabulous websites covering big brands and well-known musicians and artists, As a result, newcomers and lesser-known names in music, fashion and art can sometimes be missed or forgotten. So, we decided since we love those who have talent but need exposure, why not support them by creating collaborations with those more well-known in their industries and make that the focus of our enterprise:
Music and fashion have always been inextricably linked and that is a focal point of our inspiration. Through intimate behind-the-scenes video and photo shoots, LES SHOOTERS goes one step further giving you a never-before-seen view of the artists by discovering what motivates and inspires them.
Dominique and Natalie received their formal education in fashion, art and music. Dominique, who is based in Germany, is responsible for all the visual components LES SHOOTERS, while Natalie (who lives in Paris) concentrates on fashion and communications. The TWINS also create their own music, in addition to sourcing bands and singer-songwriters.
With our LES SHOOTERS team of expert professionals we shoot each issue in a different international location, we produce our videos with several collaborators, professionals in their industries.
LES SHOOTERS is equal parts spontaneous, informative and entertaining! Domi & Nati are also fortunate to have an amazing network of charismatic fashion & music bloggers, music labels and independent magazines which they will partner with who are a perfect fit for the style of LES SHOOTERS and, of course, have that little extra sparkle in their work.
The media partners we chose to work with are print, television and online video outlets. We also partner with brands. As such, we collaborate with designers and product companies, which, in turn are represented in our videos, photoshoots and image campaignes.
LES SHOOTERS is a platform where you find a unique mix of creative concepts and artists. Our mission is quality not quantity. With the high quality production of our videos and photoshoots we create original images with lasting, longterm effects that will no doubt influence the fashion and music industry for a very long time.

LES SHOOTERS - WE ARE by Anna Vatheuer

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