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MAKE UP HAIR - Behind The Scenes


Haute couture is like playing with fire, you burn yourself or you get great light and heat! We got it all and we enjoyed it! With Serkan Cura's and Julien Fournié's looks we tried our best to create our twin couture environment. It's a challenge to walk, lie or pose in those crazy fabrics. Our photographer Ricardo made us feel comfortable in front of his camera - shooting with him is like having a friend taking a beautiful snapshot!

THE SHOOTING OF SERKAN CURA AND JULIEN FOURNIÉ - Haute Couture photographed by Ricardo

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THE PHOTOSTORY - Ricardo Abrahao

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  1. What inspires you more - , to photograph fashion editorials or artists?
    If I would chose what I like to shoot more, I would say fashion mixing with fine art. Since I have a backgroung in graphic and product design  Ialways like to create some objects/looks for the shoot. I often work with plastic and fabric to create something unique for each shoot.
  2. LES SHOOTERS combines fashion with music – which artist would you combine with which designer  for  a photoshoot.
    I myself am a big fan of Junn J, but there is a new Brazilian brand that had just launched their first collection that I really like. It is called Neith Neyer. I could see a photoshoot with them and the guys from Bonde do Role or CSS.
  3. IF YOU were A SONG, WHAT WOULD BE THE title?
    Take a visit inside my head
  4. What is the ONE THING in Paris you can’t have anywhere else.
    I might be biased on this one but since I lived in Montmartre for a few months, I can’t seem to find that same atmosphere of a small town inside Paris anywhere else.
    That is a funny question. I actually go to the supermarket with my flip flops and pajama pants in the middle of winter ALL the time and I can’t tell you how many funny looks I get every time.
  6. What song has been stuck in your head lately?
    I love blues and rock so I do listen Janis Joplin a lot (that's for the nice cultural answer). But lately my roomate has been listening Rihanna and I gotta tell ya...that does get stuck in your head if you like it or not.
  7. What  WAS YOUR FAVORITE PIECE of clothing or accessory WHEN YOU WERE A KID?
    Onesies of course! Can't get better than that!
  8. If you would be a famous musician, which kind of music genre would you produce and which Image would you go for?
    Indie rock gives you more freedom both musically and visually speaking. For the image I would think about something more misterious and artsy, let's say if Mark Ryden could do a cover with the picture of the artist, that would be pretty awesome!


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