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RUBY FEATHERS WORK - Interview With Her


Sigourney founder of RUBY FEATHERS jewelry is an extraordinarily feather accessories designer from Canada who lives in Paris now. LES SHOOTERS decided to find out more about this talented girl and her motivation for feathers. We did shootings with her looks and visited her at Ruby Feathers private workspace in Paris! Interviewing Sigourney was an easy job, as she is a person with a lot of experiences and stories to tell. With her open minded charisma and eye for details we believe that Ruby feathers will be soon known all over the world.



We know that Ruby Feathers Jewelry is amazing. But do we know how this magic is happening? Les Shooters is curious and asked Sigourney, Designer of Ruby Feathers to give us a little preview of a feather earing production. During the workshop we realised, Its not only a question of technical knowledge, but a need of understanding the beauty of a feather. Sigourney knows where her feathers come from and which kind of bird it belongs to. The magic to be able to create those beautiful feather pieces stays a secret though – as Ruby Feathers truely understands the beauty of a feather.


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  1. If you could have one Parisian designer design only for you – who would it be?
    I would gladly have Jean Paul Gautier design only for me he is a genius. I love the feminine yet rock and roll edge of his designs.
  2. Who has influenced your STYLE the most and why?
    I cannot think of one exact person who has directly influenced my work. Its rather been a collective force of growing up as an artist in Manitoba, Canada and all the influence of the First nations culture on those surroundings.
  3. What was your biggest fashion "faux-pas" ?
    Wearing my mom’s lime green bell bottoms, that she handmade when she was 20 or so, almost every day at school when I was thirteen.
  4. If you could switch places with any musician or artist for one day, who would it be AND WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
    I would be Andy Warhol and use his massive array of artists to create a large scale amount of contemporary films, artworks and sculptures.
  5. WHICH ARTIST WOULD YOU most LIKE TO SEE IN YOUR DESIGNS AND WHICH ONE WOULD YOU never dress?For the celebrity factor I would choose Miley Cyrus she has the entire spotlight at the moment and it would give my creations a lot of publicity. For respect of her talent I would have to say Florence Welch of Florence and the machine she has it all beauty, talent and style I believe my works would be absolutely stunning on her. I would never dress Nicki Minaj,she has no talent, no style and no class.
  6. IF YOU were A SONG, WHAT WOULD BE THE title?
    “lost in my unconscious world”
  7. What WAS YOUR FAVORITE PIECE of clothing or accessory WHEN YOU WERE A KID?
    I started designing at a very young age. I used to take old toothbrushes and boil them until they curved to the form of my wrist; I made one for all my friends at school.
  8. If you wouldn’t be a designer, what would be your profession?
    I always dreamed of being an archeologist like Indiana Jones. The idea of digging around in sand and earth to uncover lost artifacts of history always excited me. I also like the Hollywood version with all the adventure!



Ruby Feathers Presents a Unique Collection of Accessories:
Since 2009, creator and designer Sigourney Burrell has developed her fascination for feathers and nature into the recognized brand: Ruby Feathers. Her intrigue began in the summer of 2008 with the purchase of a feather necklace in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
A graduate from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, designer and artist Sigourney Burrell has a deep respect for her materials. Great care is taken to ensure that the organic materials used are obtained with respect to the animals and the environment. Most feathers used are sourced in Manitoba from local farmers and hunters and are cleaned and sterilized by Sigourney. Exotic feathers are gathered after they have fallen naturally from the birds. The leather used in Ruby Feathers products is acquired in cooperation with a reupholstering company in Winnipeg. This control over the medium shows Sigourney’s true artistic nature and allows her to be entirely connected to the finished products, making Ruby Feathers accessories uniquely artistic pieces with a profound meaning.
The Ruby Feathers line of accessories includes earrings, necklaces, a variety of hair clips and headbands, armbands, ankle fringe bands, leather vests, and many other designs. Ruby Feathers accessories are sold in many stores across Canada, and the company is now looking for contacts and stores throughout the world.
When purchasing Ruby Feathers jewellery, you are welcome to request either all types of metals, copper, brass, silver covered copper as well as silver are all hand pounded and incorporated in certain designs. High-quality hypoallergenic surgical steel earring hooks are standard on earrings; however, silver and gold earring hooks are available upon request. Clip on earring hooks are also available. The Ruby Feathers fall line includes many new designs incorporating rabbit fur and deer hide. Working with clients, pieces are often custom made, allowing the individual to feel a deeper connection to the accessory. General styles are repeated, but each accessory is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.
Worn and supported by a numerous list of Canadian musicians, Ruby Feathers can be seen on Ida Sawabe of The Magnificent Sevens, Marti Sarbit of Imaginary Cities, singer-songwriter Ingrid Gatin, and blues singer Jessee Havey, originally from The Duhks, among others.

Priya Panda of Diemonds from Toronto wore a custom-made headdress while shooting the band’s latest music video, “Take Back the Night”.

Backstage Artist Lounge owner and operator Christina Martin from Los Angeles, California, is a huge supporter of the brand: “For years, I have been styling top rock stars, from Eminem and 30 Seconds to Mars, to Papa Roach and Three Days Grace, and Ruby Feathers is one of the hottest accessories designers I have ever come across in my entire career”.

Most notably, Ruby Feathers earrings are worn by the country music group The Ladies of the Canyon and singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie. Sigourney had the pleasure of meeting Buffy Sainte-Marie, who has made Ruby Feather earrings a staple in her on-stage attire and told Sigourney, “even when I don’t get a standing ovation, your earrings do”.

 Ruby Feathers designs have been featured in several Manitoba newspapers and magazines, including: the Winnipeg Free Press, the Winnipeg Sun, the Brandon Sun, Sandbox Magazine, Outwords Magazine, and Uptown Magazine.

New publications include: Lifestyler Magazine article featured on their website as well as in their printed December 2011 issue, and Brigitte Magazine in their June and July 2012 printed issues.
Ruby Feathers also contributed to the Clio Blue ad campaign for their summer collection for 2012. A headdress worn by singer Natasha Saint Pier was seen in over 250 Clio Blue windows throughout the world. The photo of Natasha Saint Pier in a Ruby Feathers headdress can also be seen in the new album, Bonne Nouvelle, released this past June by Natasha Saint Pier. A new collaboration took place this summer with Natasha Saint Pier Ruby Feathers designed an original shoulder piece that she has been wearing during her summer concerts.

In May of of last year, Sigourney Burrell was featured in the Street Looks section of the Vogue Paris website wearing Ruby Feather earrings. Our accessories have also been featured in many fashion shows and photo shoots around the world!

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